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From Apogee: Read "Atlas: Skin/Bone/Blood..." a folio on latinidad & disability

Atlas: Skin/Bone/Blood: Body Maps in Brown and Black is a folio commissioned by Apogee and Letras Latinas edited by heidi andrea restrepo rhodes which examines the intersection of latinidad and disability. Composed of nine poets, the folio, ranges from established poets like Dianelly Antigua and Aurora Levins Morales to emerging poets such as Gaby Benitez and Ren Koppel Torres.

“Our bodies tell stories, carry historical memory, bear the intergenerational traumas and forms of resilience we’ve inherited from our ancestors. Our bodies share ways of knowing and being, with and as a part of the planet’s vibrant human and more-than-human ecologies,” writes editor heidi andrea restrepo rhodes in her introduction. This rings true throughout the folio's moving and innovative poems.


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